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The most important thing you should look for in a mattress is the feel. That’s why we offer a wide selection of mattresses. Every person is different, and that means you need a mattress that suits your body and sleeping habits. Same Day Mattress is all about getting you the best feel for the best deal.

Stop searching “mattress stores near me,” and call Same Day Mattress. We offer the convenience, inventory, service, prices, and delivery options that Fargo-Moorhead residents like you deserve.

The fact is that a lot of credence is given to “name brands” but the reality is the higher cost and brand recognition are not necessarily reflective of quality.  As a matter of fact, you may just be paying for the company’s marketing. Our buyers don’t want to pay for big brand marketing, and we don’t want them to.

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Best Feel for the Best Price!

Our collection is diverse. We offer private-label mattresses from brand names like Serta. We also offer more affordable options that provide the same look and feel of high-end, and high-priced, memory foam beds at a fraction of the cost. You won’t be sacrificing on comfort, but you will be saving when it comes to the price tag.

Whether you’re looking for traditional spring-coiled designs or trendy models featuring pillow tops and cooling gel, we’ve got the bed for you. Call Same Day Mattress today or stop by today. You can test out the beds in our store and ask our associates any questions. We’d be glad to help you make the best decision.

In addition to mattresses and box springs, we also offer a selection of headboards and footboards to complete your bed set.

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Queens starting at $199

Same Day Mattress offers products to suit every budget. Most of the beds for sale, about 60% to 70% of our inventory, fall in the $500 to $1100 range. We have queen mattresses starting at just $199. So, no matter what your budget, we can help you find the mattress you need for your best night’s sleep.

Active Financing

We offer no credit, no approval financing. All you need is a social security number, checking account, and a job making a minimum of $1000 per month to qualify with $40 down. Payments are taken directly out of your bank account on payday for your convenience.

Why Choose Same Day Mattress?

We offer a convenient service for savvy buyers. We welcome local buyers who want to come in today, try out a few options, and go home with a bed. We don’t overwhelm our buyers with repetitive options, pushy sales staff, and confusing delivery and payment options. We make it simple.

We have comfortable and well-priced mattresses to suit your needs, and we’ll have you sleeping on your new mattress tonight!

If you are looking for a new bed today, and you want one that feels good, fits your budget, and that you can sleep on tonight, call Same Day Mattress or stop by our south Fargo store!

What’s the Same Day Mattress Difference?